Savannah District Engineering Design Criteria

The Savannah District (CESAS) has provided this area for A/E's to obtain information for use in working with CESAS and the Engineering Division. This subsite will continue to evolve rapidly in response to the dynamic project atmosphere at the Savannah District. Please check back often for additions and updates.

Design Criteria

The links here provide single files downloads of the most commonly used CESAS-specific information. Please use the "Chapter Listing" or "Section Listing" links for individualized downloads of specific chapters. PLEASE NOTE: that all information available here is specific to the Savannah District and its operations and should not be assumed to be applicable to projects undertaken for other Corps Districts.


Helpful Hints

    • The file collections presented here provide a single-step method to obtain various Savannah District specific design-criteria guides. Some of the collections are quite large to download and may take considerable time depending upon network traffic and your individual hardware.
    • Please see the chapter or Section listings for individual file downloads.
    • The Design Criteria files presented from this site are specifically for projects with the Savannah District. The manuals, guides and specs should not be assumed to be applicable to work with any other Corps of Engineers District.

AE Project Forms

  • For a Fee Proposal Form or any other AE Contracting questions or concerns – Please contact Savannah District AE Contraction Section at 912-652-5895 or

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