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Our commitment to small businesses: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is committed to doing business with qualified small businesses. The Savannah District serves 11 Army and Air Force installations in Georgia and North Carolina, designing and constructing world class facilities for the most elite Soldiers and Airmen in the world. One of our largest missions is the management of design and construction of military projects. These projects often provide the greatest opportunities for your small business.

Our civil works mission areas include operation and maintenance of three multi-purpose dam and lake projects on the Savannah River--lakes Hartwell, Richard B. Russell, and J. Strom Thurmond, as well as maintenance of the Savannah and Brunswick harbors. Our environmental mission includes work done under the Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) program, environmental restoration projects on military installations and toxic waste sites, and more. Small business opportunities exist in both our military and civil works/environmental programs.

Mission: To sustain the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a premier organization in developing small businesses and maximizing their opportunities to participate in procurements, thereby ensuring a broad base of capable suppliers to support the Corps of Engineers mission and strengthen our nation’s economic development.

Small Business Information

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 Savannah District Overview and Forecast
 What is a Simplified Acquisition Purchase?

A Simplified Acquisition Purchase is generally regarded as:

  • Acquisitions valued between $2500 and $150,000;
  • Simplified purchasing procedures are used;
  • FAR Part 13 and its supplements apply;
  • Requirements are not advertised in FedBizOpps;
  • Acquisitions valued at $2,500 or less do not require competition and are classified as a micro-purchase requirement. These requirements are generally purchased using a government credit card.
 What kinds of small business contracting opportunities does USACE offer?

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers purchases a wide variety of services, supplies, construction and engineering services to accomplish its mission. A successful Small Business Program increases the Corps of Engineers' base of service providers and helps strengthen the industrial base of the Nation. Contract examples include:

  • Construction — Barracks, dining facilities, schools, child development centers, hospitals and clinics, maintenance shops, aircraft hangars, roads, levees, airfields, hazardous and toxic waste remediation, industrial facilities, and dredging projects. 
  • Architect-Engineering Services — Master planning, engineering studies, surveying and mapping, engineering design and construction, geographic information systems, architectural design, concept planning, inspection services and cost estimating.
  • Other Services — Operation and maintenance services for navigation and recreational projects, landscaping, janitorial services, trash removal, park attendant services, grass mowing, and real estate appraisal services.
  • Supplies and Equipment – Generators, turbines, HVAC equipment, kitchen equipment, electronic gear, petroleum products, repair parts, lumber, cement, computers and peripheral equipment, and publications.

 Sources for Obtaining Standard Forms

Sources for Standard Forms PDF and Formflow Forms DF 330. Form can be filled out and printed (format of the form cannot be altered.)

Versatile SF 330 software packages are available from a variety of vendors, including:

Wind-2 Software, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO

Parallel Resources, Inc.
Auburn, AL

Custom Time & Materials Software, Inc.
Tallahassee, Fl

A/E Management Services, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI


 Recommended Small Business Subcontracting Goals
  Small Business  50%
  Small Disadvantaged Business   17%
  Women-Owned Small Business  18%
  HubZone  10%
  Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business   4%
 Subcontracting Reports  
  • Subcontracting reports are due semi-annually for approval by the Deputy for Small Business at the Small Business Administration, please click on the following link to register and file reports:
 Subcontracting Opportunities
  • Large business concerns receiving contract awards from the Corps of Engineers valued in excess of $1.5 million for construction, and $650,000 for other than construction, are required to submit subcontracting plans. The plans include goals for awarding subcontracts to businesses that are small, small disadvantaged, woman-owned, veteran owned, services disabled veteran-owned and hubzone small businesses.

  • Small businesses can advertise their services to federal and state agencies, as well as prime contractors by visiting the Small Business Administration’s Dynamic Small Business Search

Current Projects


All Savannah District contracting opportunities (pre-solicitations, solicitations, sources sought, special notices and awards) can be viewed publicly at  Search on key word “W912HN” to view current Savannah District opportunities.

Register your Business

Do you own a small business and want start doing business with the Corps of Engineers? Be sure to register your business on the System for Award Management website. To get started, click the icon above. 

SAM Website

Regulatory Enforcement Fairness

The Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act (SBREFA) makes small businesses aware of their right to pursue relief through the Small Business Administration under the SBREFA of 1996 on matters such as excessive regulatory compliance, improper procurement procedures and other impediments to small businesses. P.L. 104-121; March 29, 1996 (As Amended by P.L. 110-28; May 25, 2007)

Firms who feel as though they have been treated unfairly should contact:

Office of the National Ombudsman, U.S. Small Business Administration
409 3rd Street, S.W., 
Washington, DC 20416

Tel: (886) 734-3247

Contact Us


How to Market Your Products & Services:

Call or email Jennifer Cavanagh, Chief, Office of Small Business Programs, to discuss your company's capabilities and services in detail.  Ms. Cavanagh can be reached at (912) 652-5539 or

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District
ATTN: Jennifer Cavanagh, Small Business 
100 W Oglethorpe Ave
Savannah, GA 31401