Operations Divison

The Savannah District Operations Division operates and maintains civil works projects throughout Georgia and South Carolina for the purpose of navigation, flood damage reduction, environmental stewardship and recreation. The division consists of two branches: Navigation; and Multipurpose Project Management.

The Operations Division consults with other elements in the Savannah District in regard to policy issues concerning navigation dredging, navigation structures, operations and maintenance on locks and dams, maintenance of local flood control structures (Inspection of Completed Works), and the invasive species management program. The division provides guidance for developing designs, plans, and specifications for mechanical systems in support of the District’s operations and maintenance program.


One of the Corps' primary missions any day of the year is to ensure navigation on our nation's waterways moves safely, reliably and efficiently with minimal impact to the environment, thus sustaining a vital component of the economy. The Corps’ navigation activities are worked in partnership with the Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the shipping industry.

Navigation Projects:

District Civil Works Projects