U.S. Army Reserves Real Property Exchange Program (RPX)

The Savannah District Real Estate Division is the National Center of Expertise for the U.S. Army Reserves Real Property Exchange Program (RPX) covering all of the continental United States and its territories.  This program exchanges current U.S. Army Reserve Centers for construction of new facilities.  The replacement facilities can be constructed on land already owned by the United States, or on land owned by the exchange partner which is conveyed to the United States when construction is complete.

The value of the replacement facility, including any utilities, equipment, and furnishings, must be at least equal to the fair market value of the facility to be conveyed. In cases where the property exchange includes relocating Army Reserve units, it is not unusual for the cost of providing comparable facilities to exceed the fair market value of the land and improvements being conveyed by the Army Reserve.

The exchange received by the Army Reserve must:

  1. Be complete, usable, fully functional, and ready for use.
  2. Satisfy all operational requirements, and meet all applicable Federal, State, and local requirements relating to health, safety, fire, and the environment.

Exchanges are announced and competed on the open market through a Notice of Availability (NOA) published on the USACE website, local newspapers, SAM.gov.website, and other public media as appropriate. The NOA contains all applicable information on the property to be exchanged, requirements of the exchange, environmental information on the property, and provides instruction on submitting a bid for the exchange.

A list of current properties available for exchange are listed at the below link.

Current Exchange Properties

  • There are no properties currently available.


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