Donaldson Air Force Base

The Donaldson Air Force Base (DAFB) is located seven miles south of the City of Greenville, South Carolina. The property is currently managed by South Carolina Technology and Aviation Center (SCTAC). Project 06 also called Area of Concern (AOC – 8) is located in the north central area of the DAFB.  AOC – 8 source area was approximately 900 square feet and is situated next to an active runway. The air traffic control tower is approximately 1,200 feet south, and runways are about 300 feet to the west. To the northwest the area is industrial and much of it is paved. The nearest open water source is a stream approximately 1,000 feet to the northeast, across a road or exposed pavement/parking lots.

AOC - 8 is fairly level and gently slopes towards the east. Grasses and low forbs are the primary vegetation on site. The location is mowed and managed as part of airport activities. Groundwater sampling locations are identified on AOC - 8 was used for open-pit burning of what appears to have been plastics, rubber, paint, fuels, and solvents. A mass of adhesive also appears to have been disposed of at this location.

Shallow burn pits surrounding the area of the adhesive material were identified. Test pits excavated near the adhesive material in May 1998 showed thin layers of burn residue, apparently from plastics and paints. Also present were strong solvents and petroleum hydrocarbon odors. In some of the test pits the soils appeared to be saturated with the solvents/petroleum hydrocarbons.

Based on the results of the Phase I and Phase II AOC - 8 investigations, the development of a remediation strategy to address the soil and groundwater contamination exceeding DHEC standards was recommended.

The project is currently in the RI/FS phase.