Effects Determination Guidance for Endangered & Threatened Species (EDGES)



CORPS/USFWS Georgia Signed Agreement Letter


Guidance Letter (This describes the process as well as goes through all species


covered and one's not covered by the Programmatic Agreement).


The 15 CORPS/FWS-GA EDGES cover 41 listed species.  Those can be found in


the following EDGES:


Flatwoods Salamander EDGES (2 Species)

Georgia Granite Outcrop Plants EDGES (3 Species)    

Southwest Georgia Aquatic Species EDGES (6 Species)             

Altamaha Spinymussel EDGES        

Eastern Indigo Snake EDGES    

Northwest Georgia Aquatic Species EDGES (16 Species)

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker EDGES

Sea Turtle EDGES (4 Species)

Knot Plover EDGES (2 Species)

Wood Stork EDGES