Engineering Division

The mission of the Savannah District, Engineering Division is to support the Project Management Business Process by providing highly skilled, knowledgeable, technical members to the Project Delivery Teams. Team members execute the civil and military engineering of the District, beginning with foundation exploration and analysis, topographic surveys, and hazardous, toxic, radioactive waste (HTRW) investigations, and on through design and preparation of final construction plans, specifications, invitations for bid, requests for proposals, and technical support during construction. We provide hydrologic engineering, hydraulic modeling, design and dam safety support relating to the Savannah River and multi-purpose projects. We exercise technical and administrative oversight of the Architect-Engineering (A-E) contracting process for the District. We also support the Army and Air Force with in-house military master planning and Geographic Information System expertise.

Design Branch

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 1. Design Branch

The United States Army Corps of Engineers- Savannah District has a full design service architectural/engineering Branch within the Engineering Division.  Our mission is to provide reliable, responsive service, and quality products/services for the development of infrastructure projects in support of our national interest.  We have in-house highly qualified staff capable of providing all phases of design deliverables that result in a sustainable, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

We strive to provide quality products that meet the Customer’s expectations within the constraints of; established policies, fiscal limitations, laws, and code requirements.  All District projects are reviewed to ensure they are developed in a cost competitive manner for the Customer’s benefit of utilizing resources in an efficient and effective manner.  Design Branch is organized with the following Sections of expertise: Site Development, Architectural, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Data Management.  In addition, standardize Army facility designs assigned to the Savannah District are designed and managed by the Center of Standardization (CoS) Section.  

Experienced technical specialist prepare plans and solutions for all phases of the design development process.  Design products and services include; supportive technical analysis, technical specifications, consultations with other Districts, review and contract support for Architectural/Engineering (A/E) contracts, and technical assistance throughout construction and the operational life of the capital investment.

Standout Projects:  

  • Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Maintenance Facility, Ft. Benning, GA
  • Basic Training Barrack Complex, Fort Jackson, SC
  • AIT Barracks Complex, Fort Gordon, GA
  • CIDC Facility, Hunter AAF, GA 
  • SOF Training Command Facility, Fort Bragg, NC 
  • SOF Advanced Skills Training Facility, Fort Bragg, NC
  • FEMA Disaster Relief and Recovery Missions    

Point of Contacts:
Kate Dixon, P.E.
Chief, Design Branch, 912-652-5000
Telephone: (912) 652-5000

 2. Architectural Section


The Architectural Section is responsible for providing full-service architectural design, interior design and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) / Sustainable design work and contract administration support during the design and construction of both Military and Civil Works projects. Section responsibilities also include the review, comment and comment resolution of project design work performed by other USACE Districts as well as outside Architect / Engineering (A/E) firms. The section also prepares Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) for Military and /Civil Works projects, participates on Source Selection Boards, and assists in the preparation of Value Engineering Studies on various projects.

Interior Design services include the preparation of plans and specifications for Design-Bid-Build contracts.  This includes the development of signage plans, finish schedules and pattern plans, furniture layouts and Comprehensive Interior Design (CID) packages. Our Interior Designer also prepares RFP’s for Design-Build contracts. Interior Design support is also available for projects such as renovations, post-occupancy evaluations, and technical review of designs prepared by Architect/Engineering firms.



  • LEED/SDD Design Services
  • Special Projects scope and design
  • Design Build scope and review
  • Building information Modeling (BIM)
  • VE Studies
  • Exterior Wall and Roof Dew Point Analysis
  • Review of designs performed by A/E Firms

Point Of Contact:
Patrick Sullivan, R.A.
Architectural/Structural Section Chief
Email –  
Telephone – (912) 652 - 5951


 3. Centers of Standardization

The philosophy for establishing standard designs throughout the Army is based on the idea that soldiers should have facilities with the same capabilities, features, and "look and feel" regardless of where they are stationed. But consistency isn't the only benefit. Standard design is proven to reduce project cost, reduce delivery time, and improve operational efficiency.

Across the Corps, specific districts are responsible for developing and maintaining design standards for Army facilities constructed worldwide. The Savannah District operates one of the largest Center of Standardization (CoS) programs in USACE.

The Savannah District is the Center of Standardization (CoS) for the following facilities: 

  • Command & Control Facilities – including Division HQ, Corps HQ, Theater Army/Army Service Component Command HQ,
  • Army Command HQ, and Direct Reporting Unit HQ
  • Brigade Headquarters and Battalion Headquarters
  • Company Operations Facilities
  • Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities
  • Air Force Weather Detachment/Squadron facilities for activities assigned to Army Installations

Savannah's Engineering Division uses in-house resources and state of the art tools, including Building Information Modeling (BIM) to develop CoS designs. The team works closely with other Corps districts and Architect / Engineering (A/E) firms in the private sector. By leveraging industry standards and best practices, and by creating a repository of designs adapted for application at different regions and installations around the country, we can minimize future re-design, improve the end product, and increase the efficiency of the overall construction process. This approach, referred to as "adapt-build," results in more consistent solicitations because it minimizes uncertainty about requirements for similar facilities from installation to installation. 

Design Capabilities:


  • Develop and maintain design standards and criteria for assigned facilities worldwide
  • Support during Planning/Design Charrettes/DD1391 development and validation
  • Full-service designs with specialization in SAS CoS managed Standard Designs
  • Compliance Reviews of design performed by other USACE District and A/E firms worldwide

Point of Contact:
Jeffrey Stein, R. A.
Chief, Center of Standardization (COS) Section
Email –  
Telephone – (912) 652-5812

Website –

 4. Site Development Section
  • The Site Development Section is responsible for the complete site design and planning for Military and Civil Works projects involving the layout, grading, pavements, storm drainage, airfields, erosion control, anti-terrorism and force protection measures (ATFP), water quality, water, sanitary sewer, and specifications.  Project designs vary in size and scope from small individual buildings to miles of paved roads and multiple phased building complexes.  This sections responsibilities also include the review of designs performed by Architect / Engineering (A/E) firms.  


  • Full-service civil designs
  • Engineering support during construction for both Military and Civil Projects
  • Civil verification of project scopes and planning documents
  • Design-Build development and review
  • Review of designs performed by Architect-Engineer firms
  • FEMA support for disaster relief and recovery
  • Fire Flow Testing 

Special Programs:

  • Erosion Control Plans and Permits
  • Site Force Protection for Both Military and Civil Works projects
  • Airfield Pavement Design and Airfield Layout
  • Low Impact Design (LID)
  • Civil Engineering Design support for other Districts
  • Savannah Harbor Expansion Projects (SHEP)

Point Of Contact:
Rachel Radtke, P.E.
Chief, Site Development Section
Telephone: (912) 652-5507


 5. Structural Section

The Structural Section supports Design Branch by providing structural engineering design and review services for all Military Construction project types as well as Civil Works projects within the Savannah District.  Our Structural Engineers are experienced in the design of buildings of all shapes and sizes and utilizing a wide range of building materials including:  steel, pre-stressed and cast in place concrete, masonry, light gage steel, and wood.  Our Structural Engineers can perform on-site inspections for new construction projects as well as problems arising on existing building projects.  Our responsibilities also include supporting the Savannah District Dam Safety program at the four major dam projects within the Savannah District Area of Responsibility (AOR), as well as the Bridge Safety program. 

    • Structural Engineering Design
    • REVIT 3D Modeling
    • Construction Submittal Review
    • Construction Site Inspections
    • A/E Structural Design Review
    • Wind/Seismic Load Analysis and Design
    • Foundation Analysis and Design
    • Progressive Collapse Analysis
    • Building Code Updates
    • Existing Building Forensic Assessments
    • Existing Building Repair and Retrofit Design
    • Post Storm/Flood/Seismic Event Damage Assessments
    • Dam Safety Annual and Periodic Inspections
    • Dam Risk and Reliability Assessments
    • Dam Instrumentation and Evaluation
    • Bridge Safety Annual Inspections

Point of Contact:
Jason Whittaker, P.E.
Chief, Structural Section
Telephone: (912) 652-5606



 6. Mechanical Section    

The Mechanical Section provides design and construction support for both Military and Civil Works projects. Our Mechanical and Fire Protection Engineers are experienced in the design of a wide range of HVAC, plumbing, and fire suppression systems for various types of buildings. Technical services include preparation of plans and specifications for Design-Bid-Build contracts, preparation of Request for Proposals for Design-Build contracts, energy analysis, life cycle cost analysis, LEED compliance documentation, and technical review of designs performed by Architect / Engineering (A/E) firms.



  • Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems.

  • Plumbing Systems

  • Energy Monitoring and Control Systems

  • Central Energy Plants

  • Heating and Cooling Distribution Systems

  • Gas Distribution Systems

  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

  • POL Storage, Distribution and Fueling Systems

  • Compressed Air Systems

  • Solar Thermal Energy Systems

  • Energy Analysis

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  • LEED design services

  • Fire Protection Engineering

  • Dam Safety Periodic Inspections

    Point of Contact:
    Shahidou Mariko, P. E.
    Chief, Mechanical Section
    Telephone: (912) 652-6176


 7. Electrical Section

 Electrical Section provides design and construction support for both Military and Civil Works projects. Technical services include preparation of plans and specifications for Design-Bid-Build contracts, preparation of Request for Proposals for Design-Build contracts, engineering studies of power systems and technical review of designs performed by Architect / Engineering (A/E) firms. 


  • Site Power, Lighting and Communication Systems

  • Building Power Systems

  • Building Lighting and Lighting Control  Systems

  • Building Communication Systems

  • Emergency Power Systems

  • Lightning and Cathodic Protection Systems

  • Fire Detection and Mass Notification Systems

  • Renewable Energy Systems

  • Airfield Lighting Systems

    Point of Contact:
    Renard Davis, P. E.
    Chief, Electrical Section
    Telephone: (912) 652-5601





 8. Data Management Section

Data Management Section provides high quality and reliable technology services, including preparation of engineering, architectural, and geospatial products, which directly support Design Branch and Savannah District’s Military and Civil Works programs.  The Section is able to leverage technology, knowledge, and experience to provide comprehensive Geospatial and Data Management solutions for Savannah District’s projects and stakeholders. Our primary mission focus is the interoperability of GIS, geospatial data, and CAD/BIM software. 


  • Contract documents, solicitation packages (EBIS)

  • Technical specifications (SpecsIntact)

  • CADD support (Microstation, AutoCad, Revit)

  • GIS (mapping services and eGIS management; ArcGIS, CorpsMap)

  • Geospatial data collection and integration (in-house survey)

  • BIM Management

  • ProjectWise Administration

  • Engineering IT POC

  • Software training coordination

  • Engineering software administration and coordination

  • Engineering technical lead for District’s SRM program

Point of Contact 
Jim McTiernan, P. E.
Chief, Data Management Section
Telephone: (912) 652-5532

Technical Specialties Branch

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 1. Technical Specialties Branch Capabilities

The Engineering Technical Specialties Branch is responsible for providing administrative support for Engineering Division as well as specialty engineering services falling outside the scope of the Design, Geotechnical & HTRW, and Hydraulics and Hydrology branches within Engineering Division.


Administrative Support Section - Provides liaison for all Personnel Actions/Issues; manages the Division Budget, Division Funds, Credit Card Program, the Central Project Files (Military, Civil Works and HTRW), and implements the Training Program as well as the District CP-18 Engineers & Scientist Career Intern Program.

Engineering Service Sections

    • AE Contract Management Section – Responsible for managing all Engineering Division actions related to AE contracts, including all military and civil works AE contracts for the following Savannah District divisions: Engineering, Operations, Planning and Real Estate Division. Specific capabilities include:
      - Administration and management of AE contracts
      - Liaison and coordination of designs between Architect-Engineers, Project Managers and Contracting Officers
      - Management of AE pre-selections, selections and ACASS processes
      - Installation support in selection of AE firms for Indefinite-Delivery Contracts
      - AE Responsibility coordination
      - POC for visiting Architect-Engineers
      - Assemble bidder and successful bidder packages 
    • Technical Support Section – Responsible for managing the Cost Engineering and Value Engineering programs as well as supplying technical support. Specific capabilities include:
      - Consultation and preparation of cost estimates for military and civil works projects
      - Manage and execute the Value Management/Value Engineering program for Savannah. 
    • Master Planning Section – Responsible for managing the Military Master Planning program. Specific Master Planning capabilities:
      - Real Property Master Plans
      - Area Development Plans
      - Individual Project Site Planning and Alternative Siting Analyses
      - Installation Design Guides (IDG)
      - Air Force General Plans
      - Planning Charrettes and DD Form 1391 Development
      - Economic Analyses
      - Space Utilization Studies
      - Transportation Systems Studies
      - Installation Status Reports (ISR)
      - Funding        

Point of Contact:

Steven Bath, P.E.
Chief, Engineering Technical Specialties Branch
Assistant Chief, Engineering Division


 2. AE Contract Management Section

The A-E (Architect-Engineer) Contract Management Section is responsible for managing all Engineering Division actions relating to A-E contracts, including all military and civil works A-E contracts for Engineering Division, Operations Division, Planning Division and Real Estate Division. This section also is responsible for the assembly of bidder packages for construction contract advertisements.


    • Administration and management of Architect-Engineer contracts
    • Liaison and coordination of designs between Architect-Engineers, Project Managers and Contracting Officers
    • Management of A-E pre-selections, selections and processes for CPARS
    • Support of Installations in selection of AE firms for Indefinite-Delivery Contracts
    • AE Responsibility Coordination
    • POC for visiting Architect-Engineers
    • Assemble bidder and successful bidder packages


Curtis McKenzie, R.A., NCARB
Section Chief


 3. Master Planning Section    
 4. Technical Support Section


  • Cost Engineering element and consultant for Savannah District
    • - Prepares all cost estimates for military projects
      - Prepares cost estimates for civil works projects as requested by Wilmington and Charleston Districts
    • Support to Value Engineering studies, planning/programming charrettes and Architect-Engineer selections 

Value Engineering Capabilities:

  • Savannah Value Engineering Officer (VEO) manages the Value Management/Value Engineering Program
  • Use Savannah staff and Architect-Engineering IDIQ contracts allows for several studies to be conducted concurrently
  • Work closely with HQ USACE on developing VM/VE standards

Paul B. Smith
Chief, Technical Support Section
Email - 
Telephone: 912-652-5521


Geotechnical & HTRW Branch

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 1. Geology, Hydrogeology & HTRW Design Section


  • Embankment investigations including instrumentation installation and instrumentation monitoring and maintenance.
  • State of the art in situ testing including piezoocone (CPTu), vane shear testing, and discrete direct-push undisturbed soil sampling.
  • Evaluation and design of concrete foundations on rock, grout curtains for dams, drainage systems for rock foundations, rock excavation, tunnels, channels, slopes, aggregate and riprap sources, and design earthquake studies.
  • Geological/Hydrogeological and other technical expertise during design and construction for civil, military, and HTRW programs.
  • Location and design of water wells, groundwater quality monitoring systems, and dewatering systems.
  • Groundwater sampling, analysis, and analytical data quality evaluation and reporting.
  • Planning and execution of in-house designs for remediation of HTRW sites.
  • Subsurface geological explorations and reporting for civil, military, and hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste (HTRW) programs as HTRW Design Center.

Point of Contact:
Jason Lennane, P.G. 
Geology/Hydrogeology & HTRW Design Section Chief
Email - 
Telephone - (912) 652-5669


 2. Hazardous, Toxic & Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Section


  • Full service for Architect Engineering (AE) studies and designs for hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste (HTRW); including preparation of scopes of work (SOW), and cost estimates, and review of design documents and remediation activities.
  • Technical center of expertise for South Atlantic Division (SAD) and Districts.
  • Ordnance Removal Management and Support for SAD

Point of Contact:
Sherry McCumber
Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Section Chief
Email -
Telephone - (912) 652-5300


 3. Soils Section   


  • Soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering design in support of military, civil, and hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste (HTRW) programs.
  • Analysis and design of foundations for civil, military, and HTRW projects, including foundation report preparation.
  • Slopes protection design.
  • Dam safety inspections and training.
  • Inspection and evaluation and design or remedial measures for dams.
  • QA materials lab inspections, field support, and materials testing. (Environmental & Materials Unit)

Point of Contact:
Leland Schuman 
Soils Section Chief
Telephone - (912) 652-5071

Hydrology & Hydraulics

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 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computer-based data system that stores non-graphical data (facility numbers, road
names) and graphical data (building footprints, road networks). All GIS data is spatially geo-referenced, meaning that it is tied to a precise location on the surface of the earth.

Since GIS is an integral part of the Master Plan concept, services augmenting the
installation master plans include Baseline GIS, drawing conversions, providing multiple GIS platforms, Implementation Plans, GPS Field Surveys, Aerial photography, WEB enabled GIS, GIS maintenance, and custom tools (such as the Spatial Data Retrieval System).

Savannah District GIS Capabilities:
•Baseline GIS
•Drawing Conversion
- Raster to Vector
- Raw CADD to GIS
•Coordinate Conversion
•Multiple GIS Platforms
- ArcGIS
- Microstation Geographics
- Bentley Map
•GPS Field Survey
•Aerial Photography
•WEB Enabled GIS
- ArcIMS
- ArcGIS Server
•GIS Maintenance
•Custom Tools
- Spatial Data Retrieval System (SDRS)
- TreeView
- Impact Analysis Tool
- Facility Assessment Tool
•Visual Basic Application
•Utility Studies

GIS Point of Contact: 
Beth Williams, P.E.
Section Chief 
Email -

Contact Us

Attn: Engineering Division (EN)
US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District
100 W Oglethorpe Ave
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: 912-652-5703/5927