Planning Branch

Savannah District can investigate and perform studies related to our mission areas including navigation, flood risk management, and ecosystem restoration. Planning Branch is here to help you address your water resources needs.


Planners play a crucial role in addressing water resources issues by collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to identify problems, develop solutions, navigate conflicting interests, and make recommendations. Through various programs, planners offer technical expertise and work with non-federal sponsors to ensure shared project costs in accordance with federal cost-sharing requirements.



The Biologists on the Environmental Team assess potential impacts on the human and natural environment guided by the Environmental Operating Principles. We work in partnership with other federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions to find innovative solutions to water resources challenges.




The Cultural Resources Team is responsible for identifying, assessing, and managing  cultural resources that include archaeological sites and historic properties. The team conducts and oversees investigations, performs research and evaluates the significance of resources, generates determinations of effects, and ensures compliance with federal laws and regulations. Additionally, the team collaborates with tribal nations, government agencies, and the public to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the region.