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Arcyber Building Technical Warfare Center, Augusta, GeorgiaThe Savanah District Real Estate Division provides vital support to the Defense Department through a variety of U.S. Army Civil Works, Military Programs, Environmental Remediation, and Special Projects missions. Our team of professionals manage real property assets for the U.S. Army throughout our vast area of responsibility. We provide technical expertise and business analysis as it relates to real property acquisition, management, and disposal of real property.  We support a variety of other federal agencies including U.S. Special Forces during overseas contingency operations, disaster response efforts, and recovery assignments.

As a full-service real estate organization, District professionals possess expertise and responsibility for planning real estate requirements, project cost estimating and funds management, mapping, appraisal, acquisition, operations and maintenance, and disposal of real property for the DOD and other federal partner agencies to include the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard, U.S. Army, Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserves and numerous other agencies.

The Savannah District Real Estate Division operates through three branches: Acquisition Branch, Management and Disposal Branch, and Technical Services Branch.   These specialized teams support challenging workload requirements and collaborate to meet mission execution schedules within assigned schedules and budgets.

Acquisition Branch

The Acquisition Branch is responsible for the negotiation and acquisition of real estate interests required for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. We acquire real estate through purchase, lease and other acquisition methods.  We provide the full range of services such as providing title evidence and review, closing, and drafting various real estate curative documents are just a few of the services we provide during the acquisition phase.

The branch is also responsible for the real estate planning, preparation, and execution of agreements between the U.S. and non-Federal entities, such as state and local governments between the U.S. and non-Federal entities, such as state and local governments and the interpretation of existing agreements.

Our Acquisition Branch acquires leases for all military recruiting offices and reserve center facilities within the Savannah District’s military boundaries. We also provide leasing capabilities for office, warehouses, or land for all military components and other customers.

Management and Disposal Branch

The Management and Disposal Branch of the Savannah District Real Estate Division manages natural resource and outdoor recreation programs at the district’s civil works water resource projects.  We also manage real property at Army military installations.  The responsibilities include issuing appropriate documents to grant use of federal property and conducting annual inspections of those grants.

 The branch will also dispose of real estate interests or rights that are excess to the needs of the Department of the Army at installations and civil works projects by termination, relinquishment, bid and negotiated sale, exchange, transfer and by other means.   This activity includes the sale of timber and other forest products.  We employ six professional Foresters that assist in managing this important resource.

Another unique responsibility is the Real Property Exchange program.  This special program identifies federally owned property that could be exchanged for land or structures owned by private or public entities.  

Photo of an Armed Forces Recruiting Center

Technical Services Branch

This branch provides all of our financial services and program budgeting.  They track the funding and provide any administrative service to support the Acquisition and Management and Disposal Branches. 

Real Estate appraisal services are also dispatched from this branch.  We employ five Certified General Appraisers that have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of appraisal assignments ranging from small fee acquisitions to major overseas leases.  


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