Fact Sheets

Shoreline Use Permits change at Hartwell and Thurmond Lakes – 2016

Published Dec. 28, 2015

New rules in the Shoreline Use Permit (SUP) program at Hartwell Lake and J. Strom Thurmond Lake will no longer allow the use of a consolidated permit and license effective Jan. 1, 2016. All new SUPs and licenses and all future renewals will require separate forms. This change brings Savannah District reservoir projects into compliance with South Atlantic Division regulations.* 

These changes apply to individuals have a SUP or apply for one at either Hartwell Lake or Thurmond Lake. Current SUPs will be honored until they expire.

In addition, anyone who applies for a SUP or a license must provide a taxpayer identification number (TIN), as required by federal law.** For most citizens the Social Security number is the TIN. Businesses and corporations, including LLCs, have a separate TIN. The TIN information will not be stored or transmitted electronically.

For more information on Shoreline Use Permits, please contact the Hartwell Project office at 888-893-0678, or the J. Strom Thurmond Project office at 800-533-3478. Ask for the Shoreline Management Office.

* South Atlantic Division DR 1130-15-1
** 31 USC 7701