J. Strom Thurmond Project Master Plan Update Finalized

USACE, Savannah District
Published July 22, 2022

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, closed the public comment session at noon, Jan. 20, 2022, for the proposed new master plan for the operation of the J. Strom Thurmond Project and now has an updated guidance plan for recreational, environmental, land and wildlife management.

The J. Strom Thurmond Project Master Plan is a planning document used in anticipating what could and should happen. Detailed management and administration functions are handled in the Operational Management Plan, which translates the concepts of the master plan into operations terms. The original plan was completed in 1950. Revisions were completed in 1966, 1980, and 1995.

The new version of the plan’s development included a complete evaluation, analysis and update of lake-regional demographics, applicable business line policies, regulations and practices, resource use objectives, land and water use classifications, and considerations unique to Thurmond Lake.

The primary goals of the MP are to prescribe an overall land use management plan, resource objectives, and associated design and management concepts.

The plan focuses on four primary components: (1) regional and ecosystem needs, (2) project resource capabilities and suitability, (3) expressed public interests that are compatible with authorized purposes, and (4) environmentally sustainable elements.

The plan also ensures the natural and cultural resources mandated considerations are incorporated. Development of the plan was done in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and follows the Civil Works Review Policy (EC 1165-2-209) for district quality control.

The new plan and associated maps are now available on the Thurmond website ThurmondMasterPlan.

Cheri Pritchard, Senior Public Affairs Officer
912-677-6039 (cell)

Release no. 22-017