Cyber Center of Excellence update

CCoE update

A mock-up is shown of part of the future Cyber Center of Excellence campus. Buildings still under construction or in planning are labeled MCA (military construction Army). The CCoE is the largest military construction program in the continental United States and is scheduled for completion in 2028. (courtesy image)

With more than $1.6 billion slated for construction, Fort Gordon now hosts the largest military construction program in the continental United States.

During the next few years 25 individual projects will comprise a multi-year facilities modernization plan at the northeast Georgia installation near Augusta. The largest single piece of the project, the Cyber Center of Excellence, has an estimated value of $934 million upon its completion.

“The facilities are designed to strengthen the Army and improve cyber mission readiness by bringing together cutting-edge, innovative information technology, cyberspace operations capabilities, and an open, collaborative working environment to support the next generation of the Army's Cyber force,” said Tony Cady, Savannah District’s Chief of Military Programs and Project Management.

“The mandate for transformation is that we will continue to produce cyber and signal soldiers while we are creating and constructing around them,” said Lt. Col. John Grabowski, deputy commander for Cyber Transformation, Savannah District. “We are open for business right now.”

The combination of new and renovated facilities in the campus replaces Vietnam-era training with modern digital classrooms and labs allowing access to all the operational and training networks used across the Army.

As the Army’s agent for military construction in Georgia, the Savannah District oversees the entire spectrum of the project. “We’re proud to be part of it and I think there’s nobody better at it what with our depth of knowledge and capabilities,” added Grabowski.

Key tenants on the campus include joint and national security partners along with Army organizations such as Training and Doctrine Command’s Cyber Center of Excellence, Army Cyber Command and the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command.

The schedule calls for completion for the entire project in 2028.