Author: Billy Birdwell, Corporate Communications Office
  • August

    Aquatic plants give shelter to young fish

    Finding a quiet and safe place for a nursery tops the priorities for new parents, be they humans or
  • June

    Summer heat hits striped bass hard

    No one argues that summer heat in the South climbs well above the comfort level – for humans and
  • August

    Aaron Wahus – Ranger to project manager

    He only wanted to take a semester off from college to clear his head and set some goals. He just wanted a job where he could work outdoors, commune with nature and talk to people. That semester and that job set him on a career path to the top job at Hartwell Dam and Lake that still keeps him connected to the outdoors.
  • June

    Childhood beach kid becomes adult beach builder

    He grew up running along the beach at Tybee Island, Georgia. Recently, he ran a program to rebuild the beach there. Burton “Burt” Moore spent untold hours exploring the beach and backwaters of Tybee Island, a barrier island where the Savannah River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Energetic kids still spend off-hours enjoying the sun, sand and surf there.