Volume I - General and Administrative Requirements


Chapters FileName Last Modified
Volume 1, JUL 2020 Vol1_all.PDF JUL 2020
Exhibits,  JUN 2016 V1_hex.pdf JUN 2016

Volume II - Technical, Cost Estimating and Value Engineering Requirements


Chapters FileName Last Modified
Cover and Table of Contents  V2_00_01.pdf Jul 2020
A-0-1 Geotechnical  V2_a0 part1Geotechnical.pdf Jul 2020
A-0-2 Soils  V2_a0 part2Soils.pdf Jul 2020
A-1 Site Development, including Water and Sewer  V2_a1 sitedevelopment.pdf Jul 2020
A-2 Structural  V2_a2 Structural.pdf Jul 2020
A-3 Architectural V2_a3 Architectural.pdf Jul 2020
A-4 Mechanical V2_a4 Mech.pdf Jul 2020
A-5 Electrical V2_a5 Electrical.pdf Jul 2020
A-6 Fire Protection  V2_a6 Fire.pdf Jul 2020
A-7 Energy Analyses, Economic Analysis V2_a7 Energy.pdf Jul 2020
A-8 Site Environmental V2_a8 SiteEnvironmental.pdf Jul 2020
A-9 Cost Estimates  V2_a9 Cost.pdf July 2020
A-10 Drawings V2_a10 Drawings.pdf Jul 2020
A-11 Specifications  V2_a11 specifications.pdf

Jul 2020

A-12 Asbestos and Other Hazardous Materials  V2_a12 asbestos.pdf Jul 2020
A-13 Hazardous Building Materials Survey and Removal  v2_a13 HazBldgMat.doc Jul 2020
A-14 Sustainable Design  V2_a14 SDD_Nov_2016.pdf Jul 2020
A-15 Interior Design V2_a15 Interior Design.pdf Jul 2020
A-16 Building Information Modeling v2_a16 BIM.pdf Jul 2020
B Value Engineering  V2_B_VE.pdf Jul 2020
Entire Volume 2 SDDM Vol 2.PDF Jul 2020


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