Brunswick Harbor Modifications, Construction, GA

PROJECT NAME AND STATEBrunswick Harbor Modifications, Glynn County, GA

AUTHORIZATION:  Section 8401, Water Resources Development Act of 2022 (PL 117-263)




Estimated Federal Cost


Estimated Other Federal Cost $110,000

Estimated Non-Federal Cost


Total Estimated Cost




Allocation thru FY 2023


President's Budget for FY 2024


Programmed Balance to Complete After FY 2024 $13,002,000



Brunswick Harbor is a deep-water port in Glynn County, Georgia. It is 10.7 miles long at a depth of -38 feet mean lower low water (MLLW) in the bar channel and 15.3 miles long at a depth of -36 feet MLLW in the inner channels through St. Simons Sound, the Brunswick River, and the East River. The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) operates the Colonel’s Island Terminal at Brunswick Harbor, which is the second busiest facility for roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) cargo in the nation. The project involves modifications to Brunswick Harbor to increase the efficiency of operations for roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) cargo vessels, which are already calling on Colonel’s Island Terminal and are projected to call with increased frequency in the future. This will require dredging of approximately 550,000 cubic yards of sediments and placement in an existing upland Dredged Material Containment Area (DMCA). Specifically, the project involves the following:

a.         Expansion of the Cedar Hammock Range bend widener located between stations 20+300 to 23+300. The bend widener will be expanded by a maximum of 321 feet on the north side and to a length of approximately 2,700 feet. The bend widener will be dredged to a depth of -38 feet (-36 feet plus 2 feet of allowable over-depth dredging). The bend widener expansion will result in approximately 205,000 cubic yards of dredged material.

b.         Expansion of the turning basin at Colonel’s Island Terminal along approximately 4,100 feet, which will increase the width by a maximum of 395 feet along South Brunswick River from stations 0+900 to 5+300 and to a depth of -38 feet (-36 feet plus 2 feet of allowable over-depth dredging). The turning basin expansion will result in approximately 346,000 cubic yards of dredged material.

c.         Creation of a vessel meeting area located at St. Simons Sound near the Brunswick Harbor entrance channel. No dredging is required because the area has naturally deep water. Creation of a meeting area at St. Simons Sound will relocate the north toe of the existing channel approximately 800 feet to the north along a length of approximately 10,000 feet from stations -6+800 to 4+300.

The total cost of the project construction is $17,446,000 and is shared 75 percent Federal and 25 percent non-Federal, except for Navigation Aids ($110,000) that will be funded by the U.S. Coast Guard. All work is programmed.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY2024:  Complete Pre-Construction Engineering and Design (PED) activities. Pending receipt of construction funding for construction phase. Construction funding would go towards the Construction phase of a Corps of Engineers project to modify the existing federal navigation channel at the Port of Brunswick.  The project area includes the Brunswick Harbor, located in the lower part of southeastern Georgia on the Atlantic Coast. 

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION Brunswick Harbor is the second busiest Ro/Ro port in the nation. The modifications will reduce maneuverability issues and delays that are currently experienced by the largest class of Ro/Ro vessels and that are projected to increase over time as larger Ro/Ro vessels call on the Colonel’s Island Terminal more frequently. The project generates economic benefits by increasing the efficiency of vessel operations and improving vessel transit time due to fewer delays, which results in transportation cost savings.

ADMINISTRATION POSITION:   This project is consistent with Administration policy.



Design Agreement Execution

14 Feb 2023 (A)

Project Partnership Agreement Execution

15 May 2024


07 Jun




21 Dec 2018 (A)

Award Construction Contract

03 Sep 2024


ACTION OFFICER:  Spencer W. Davis, PMP                                 24 Apr 2023