Brunswick Harbor Modifications, Georgia

PROJECT NAME AND STATEBrunswick Harbor Modifications, GA

AUTHORIZATION:  This study is authorized under Water Infrastructure Improvements to Nation (WIIN) Act 2016 - P.L. 114-322.  SECTION 1201, The Corps of Engineers may conduct feasibility studies for the following navigation, flood damage reduction, hurricane and storm damage reduction, ecosystem or environmental restoration, water conservation, water supply, flood control, reservoir, and recreation projects: (12) Brunswick Harbor, Georgia.



Estimated Federal Cost         $1,500,000 $1,600,000

Estimated Non-Federal Cost



Total Estimated Cost

  $ 3,000,000


Allocations thru FY 2021



Allocation for FY 2022


Allocation for FY 2023 $0 $1,500,000
President's Budget for FY 2024 $0 $0

Programmed Balance to Complete After FY 2024



LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION:  Navigation. The study area includes the Brunswick Harbor, located in the lower part of southeastern Georgia on the Atlantic Coast. The study investigated improvements to the Brunswick Harbor Federal Navigation Project, Glynn County, Georgia, which were justified for the purpose of improving economic efficiency of commercial navigation. The recommended plan includes expansion of the Cedar Hammock Range bend widener, the expansion of the turning basin at Colonel’s Island Terminal, and the creation of a vessel meeting area located at St. Simons Sound. The recommended plan is the National Economic Development Plan and provides average annual equivalent benefits of $2,956,000, average annual equivalent costs of $632,000, and a benefit-to-cost ratio of 4.7 based on Fiscal Year 2022 price levels, a 2.25-percent discount rate, and a 50-year period of analysis.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2022: Complete the Final Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment and execute the Finding of No Significant Impact. Pending receipt of funding to begin Pre-Construction, Engineering, and Design Phase. Issue contract for pre-construction cultural resources surveys, begin drafting construction plans and specifications.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2023: Funding received for Pre-Construction, Engineering, and Design Phase. Complete pre-construction surveys, draft construction plans and specifications including applicable reviews and value engineering studies, and complete market research, acquisition strategy development, and preparation of contract solicitation.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2024:  Complete Pre-Construction Engineering and Design (PED) activities. Execute Project Partnership Agreement with Georgia Ports Authority. Begin construction phase pending receipt of construction funding.



Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement 11 Apr 2019 (A)

Alternatives Milestone

15 Jul 2019 (A)

Tentatively Selected Plan

09 Apr 2020 (A)

Agency Decision Milestone

14 Oct 2020 (A)

Final Report Transmittal 07 Oct 2021 (A)
State & Agency Review Complete 21 Jan 2021 (A)

Signed Chief’s Report

11 Mar 2022  (A)

FONSI Complete 25 May 2022

ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  The project is consistent with current Administration policy.

ACTION OFFICERSpencer W. Davis, PMP                                 24 April 2022