US Army Corps of Engineers
Savannah District

Brunswick Harbor Operations and Maintenance, GA

PROJECT NAME AND STATE:  Brunswick Harbor Operation and Maintenance, GA

AUTHORIZATION:  O&M General, PL 108-07 WRDA 99



Allocation for FY 2015


Allocation for FY 2016


Allocation for FY 2017

Supplemental Funds for FY 2017

President's Budget for FY 2018




LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION:   Brunswick Harbor is a deep-water port with project dimensions of 38 feet deep, 500 feet wide, and 10.7 miles long in the bar channel and 36 feet deep, 400 feet wide, and 15.3 miles long in the inner channels through St. Simon's Sound, Brunswick River and East River.  The inner harbor dredged material is placed in Andrews Island, the sole upland disposal area.  The inner harbor has two turning basins, one in East River and the other in Turtle River.  Terry Creek is an inactive dredged material containment area near Brunswick, Georgia contaminated by toxaphene.

ACTIVITIES COMPLETED FOR FY 2017:  Conducted critical annual maintenance dredging of the harbor to an average depth of -35 feet Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) in an authorized project of -38 feet MLLW; maximized the dredging of the most problematic areas with the amount of funding available.  Conduct critical routine operation and maintenance activities, real estate activities, condition surveys, and prepared plans and specifications for the FY 2017 Inner Harbor and Entrance Channel dredging contracts.  Conduct non-routine Section 103 testing ($600,000) for the future use of the Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS).

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2018:  Conduct annual maintenance dredging of the entrance channel to -38 feet Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) with $6,757,500 of supplemental funding from FY17 and the FY18 funds.  Conduct the corresponding real estate activities, condition surveys, and plans and specifications preparation for the FY 2018 Inner Harbor and FY 2019 Entrance Channel dredging contracts.

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION:  The Brunswick Harbor deepening project (-38 feet MLLW) was physically completed in 2007 at a cost of $109M.  Brunswick Harbor has not been dredged to authorized project dimensions since 2010 (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding).  Annual dredging requirements are approximately $8,000,000 with approximately 80% of that funding being used to maintain the entrance channel or the seaward portion of the channel.  Higher dredging costs have resulted from a limited number of hopper dredges as all southeast USACE districts competing for the same equipment during the environmental hopper dredging window.  Funding constraints limit the USACE’s ability to fully maintain harbor dimensions resulting in draft restrictions.  Ocean-going hopper dredging is restricted to December through April by the presence of threatened and endangered sea turtles.  In addition, dredge sailing speed is restricted when Right Whales are spotted within ten miles of the project.  Monthly controlling depth surveys are conducted to provide timely and useful information to mariners concerning shoaling.

In FY14, FY15 and FY16, contributed funds MOAs were executed and GPA contributed $3M each year to help fund dredging in Brunswick.

Brunswick Harbor is the 2nd largest roll on-roll off auto handling port in the nation processing 680,000 auto units in 2015.  The port generates $217M annually in duty taxes and supports 98,000 jobs.  Brunswick Harbor is 19th in the nation for contributions to the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund.  Georgia Ports Authority is pursuing grants for improvements to intermodal infrastructure.

ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  Project is consistent with current Administration policy.

ACTION OFFICER:  Margarett (Mackie) McIntosh                                  1 October 2017