Noyes Cut, GA


AUTHORIZATION:  Section 1135, WRDA 1986 (P.L. 99-662), as amended.




Design and Implementation

Estimated Federal Cost



Estimated Non-Federal Cost



Total Estimated Cost






Allocation thru FY 2020



Allocation for FY 2021


IIJA/BIL, P.L. 117-58 Allocation for FY 2022   $3,300,000
Allocation for FY 2023   $0
President's Budget for FY 2024   $0
Programmed Balance to Complete after FY 2024   $1,545,000


LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION:  Ecosystem Restoration. Noyes Cut is located in the Satilla River estuary in Camden County, Georgia approximately 10 miles south of Brunswick. The Satilla River estuary is a complex network of tidal channels, and between 1900 and 1939, eight man-made cuts were created to increase accessibility for the timber industry. The cuts have altered the ebb tide on Dover Creek, causing siltation and blocking access to freshwater reaches for migratory fish, crabs, and shrimp and for commercial fisherman who earn their livelihood harvesting seafood from these waters. The recommended plan includes the closure of Noyes Cut, Dynamite Cut, and Old River Run with the objective of increasing tidal exchange throughout the system, restoring salinity gradients to Dover Creek, and reducing shoaling in Umbrella Creek. Implementation is divided into two phases, with phase one closing Dynamite Cut and Old River Run and phase two closing Noyes Cut.

ACTIVITIES SCHEDULED FOR FY2023:   Complete construction and fiscally close out construction contract. Coordinate monitoring and adaptive management subject to need and available funding.

ACTIVITIES SCHEDULED FOR FY2024:   Continue coordination with the Non-federal sponsor regarding the potential funding for construction of the second phase of work to complete the closure of Noyes Cut.




Federal Interest Determination

09 May 2014 (A)

Post Review Plan

18 Jun 2014 (A)

Execute FCSA

11 Sept 2015 (A)

MSC Decision Meeting

14 Aug 2017 (A)

Approve Feasibility Report

21 Dec 2018 (A)

Execute PPA

31 Jan 2020 (A)
Design Approval 17 Jun 2021 (A)
Contract Advertised 23 Mar 2022 (A)

Bid Opening

10 May 2022 

Construction Contract Award 16 Jun 2022
Construction Contract Physical Completion 14 Mar 2023
Project Physical Completion 03 Nov 2028


ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  This project is consistent with Administration policy.


ACTION OFFICER:  Spencer W. Davis, PMP                                 24 Apr 2023