US Army Corps of Engineers
Savannah District

J. Strom Thurmond Lake Operations & Maintenance

PROJECT NAME AND STATE:  J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Lake, GA and SC
AUTHORIZATION:  Flood Control Act of 1944



Allocation for FY 2015


Allocation for FY 2016


Allocation for FY 2017


President's Budget for FY 2018


LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION: J. Strom Thurmond dam, completed in 1954, is located 22 miles north of Augusta, GA and is the largest Corps project constructed project in the eastern United States.  The project provides hydropower, flood risk management, recreation, fish and wildlife management, water quality, water supply benefits, and was originally authorized to also augment downstream navigation. The project’s 80,000 acres of land, 70,000 acres of water, and 1,060 miles of shoreline are situated in seven counties and two states: Georgia and South Carolina. 
ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2017:  Performed routine hydropower operations and maintenance with all 7 generating units available.  Began upgrading the motor control centers and station service switchgear in the power plant. Performed operation and maintenance of recreation areas within established recreation seasons.  One Class A campground remained closed.  Performed routine shoreline management and environmental compliance activities.  Completed cleanup of contaminated soils due to underground storage tank leaks in the former Little River Marina site.  Awarded Economy Act agreements to the Tennessee Valley Authority to replace spillway gate j-seals ($2.1M) and power plant intake gate lifting chains ($3.2M) and.  Continue updates to the project shoreline management plan, and completed development of an avian vacuolar myelinopathy management (AVM) plan.  Initiated hydrilla control actions recommended in the AVM plan.
ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2018:  Perform routine hydropower operations and maintenance with all units available. Complete spillway gate j-seal and intake gate lifting chain replacement.  Operate recreation areas at established reduced levels of service and recreation seasons.  Perform routine shoreline management, environmental stewardship and compliance activities.  Introduce grass carp to continue hydrilla control efforts to reduce the impacts to bald eagles by AVM.
ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION:  Budget amount of $12,001K will be used to operate and maintain hydropower facilities at acceptable levels and recreation facilities at reduced service levels and reduced operating seasons.  Thurmond is one of the most visited projects in the nation.  The project served 5.0M visitors in FY12, resulting in $166.0M in visitor spending within 30 miles of the project and $984,962 in user fees returned to the treasury in FY 16.  Thurmond project has prevented $160M in cumulative flood damages since construction.  The Thurmond Power Plant produced 836,013 MWH in FY16, with $26.9M in total power revenues. Thurmond is the District lead for implementing an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program safety star rating.  Timber harvested on project lands provided $942K in revenues in FY 16. Costs for operation and maintenance contracts are $2.9M and the contractors will use up to 26 employees during the peak season to clean, mow and maintain project areas. 
ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  Project is consistent with current Administration policy.
ACTION OFFICER:  Margarett (Mackie) McIntosh                                  1 October 2017