US Army Corps of Engineers
Savannah District

Augusta Levee, GA

PROJECT NAME AND STATE:  Inspection of Completed Works, Augusta Levee, GA

AUTHORIZATION:  O&M General, Flood Control Act of June 22, 1936



Allocation for FY 2015


Allocation for FY 2016


Allocation for FY 2017


President's Budget for FY 2018


* Funding is for the Inspection of Completed Works Program

LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION:  The Augusta Levee is one of seven locally operated and maintained projects in the District’s Inspection of Completed Works Program.  The levee is located on the Georgia bank of the Savannah River in Richmond County, Georgia.  The levee is about 11.5 miles long (61,125 feet).  It runs from the high ground on the south side of Raes Creek to the high ground at New Savannah Bluff, just south of Butler Creek.  The major parts of the levee are the levee itself (a large earthen dike), 5 gate structures, 2 railroad crossings, 1 road crossing, 2 combined road/rail crossings and several road ramps.  The levee also has a steel sheet pile wall section and sections of bank paving.
ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2017: Routine inspection of the Augusta Levee (inactive status) will be performed in August.  The district will also be working with the non-Federal sponsor on their request for variances in both vegetation and structures.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2018:  A periodic assessment of the Augusta Levee will be performed even with its inactive status designation.  The district continues to work with the non-Federal sponsor to resolve their operations and maintenance deficiencies as needed.

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION:  A periodic inspection of the project was last completed in March 2010.  Several maintenance deficiencies and structural encroachments were identified in the periodic inspection, preventing the project from performing at the authorized design level of protection.  The project received a project condition rating of “Unacceptable.”  On January 19, 2011, the levee project was designated as on inactive status in the Corps Rehabilitation and Inspection Program and is no longer eligible for PL 84-99 Rehabilitation Assistance.  The project will remain in an inactive status until the deficiencies are corrected and the project receives an overall system rating of “Acceptable” or “Minimally Acceptable” as determined by USACE inspection.

There are seven projects in the Inspection of Completed Works Program including Augusta Levee, Richmond County, GA;  Oates Creek, Richmond County, GA;  Macon Levee, Bibb County GA;  Harmon Canal, Chatham County, GA;  Tybee Island Shoreline Protection, Chatham County, GA;  Peacock Creek, Liberty County, GA;  and Dunn Branch, Camden County, GA.


ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  Project is consistent with current Administration policies.

ACTION OFFICER:  Margarett (Mackie) McIntosh                                  1 October 2017