US Army Corps of Engineers
Savannah District

Savannah Harbor Operations and Maintenance


AUTHORIZATION:  Section 101(b) (9) of Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) 1999, Division D, Title I of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014 and Section 7003 (1) of Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) 2014.



Allocation for FY 2015          $33,285,800

Allocation for FY 2016


Supplemental Funds for FY 2016


Allocation for FY 2017


Supplemental Funds for FY 2017


President's Budget for FY 2018


LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION:  Savannah Harbor is a major deep-water port with 11.4 miles of ocean channel and 21.3 miles of inner harbor channel.  Wideners assist passage of ships through the harbor.  The inner harbor has six turning basins.  Kings Island Turning Basin is the primary turning basin and lies opposite the majority of Georgia Port Authority berths, Garden City Terminal.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2017: Provided for essential operational activities to support maintenance dredging of the Savannah shipping channel and turning basins for commercial and military rapid deployment vessels, critical environmental monitoring, disposal area maintenance, and real estate actions.  Monthly controlling depth surveys taken along the entire length of the harbor are used to monitor harbor sedimentation.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2018:  Perform baseline maintenance dredging of Savannah Harbor, maintenance of upland disposal areas, real estate actions, environmental monitoring activities, and continue coordination of operations and maintenance activities associated with the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project.

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATIONAs part of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP), an estimated $20M was needed for the O&M overburden associated with the Entrance Channel deepening (FY15-FY17), and an estimated $60M is needed for the Inner Harbor deepening (FY19-FY21).  After construction, it is estimated SHEP will increase Savannah Harbors annual O&M funding needs by approximately $6M.    Savannah Harbor is designated as an East Coast strategic port and is the port of embarkation for the 3rd Infantry Division.  Savannah is the fourth busiest container terminal in the nation, the second largest container port on the East Coast, the second busiest harbor for American export tonnage, the largest single container port in North America, and the fastest growing container port in the nation over the last 10+ years.  Savannah has two Class 1 railroads on terminal (CSX and Norfolk Southern) and is within 6 miles of two interstate highways (I-16 and I-95) with a through-put of 3.7M TEUs in 2015.  The port supports over 352,000 jobs, $18.5B in income and $2.5B in taxes annually in SC and over 19,700 jobs, $959M in income and $147M in taxes in GA annually.  

ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  The project is consistent with current Administration policy.

ACTION OFFICER:  Margarett (Mackie) McIntosh                                  1 October 2017