US Army Corps of Engineers
Savannah District

Savannah River Below Augusta Restore Ecosystem, GA

PROJECT NAME AND STATE:  Savannah River Below Augusta Restore Ecosystem, GA

AUTHORIZATION:  This study is authorized under the US House of Representatives Committee on Public Works and Transportation Resolution dated August 1, 1990 and Section 1201(29) of the Water Resources Development Act of 2016.



Estimated Federal Cost


Estimated Non-Federal Cost


Total Estimated Cost


Allocation thru FY 2016


President's Budget for FY2017                                $500,000
Programmed Balance to Complete After FY2017                                $800,000
President's Budget for FY2018                                 $500,000

LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION: Environmental Restoration.  The study area includes the Savannah River and surrounding wetlands from the vicinity of Augusta, Georgia, to the upper end of the Savannah Harbor.  The authorized project for the Savannah River Below Augusta (SRBA) provides for a navigation channel 9 feet deep and 90 feet wide from the upper end of Savannah Harbor (mile 21.31) to the head of navigation at Augusta just above the 13th Street bridge (mile 202.16), a distance of 180.85 miles.
ACTIVITIES FOR FY2017Executed Amendment 1 of the Feasibility Cost Share Agreement (FCSA), prepared and posted the Review Plan, prepared the Project Management Plan and documents and coordination leading to the Alternatives Milestone, data collection, and initial agency coordination.
ACTIVITIES FOR FY2018: The study has been suspended due to lack of non-Federal funds. 

Along the SRBA, there are 40 cutoff bends that exist as a result of actions taken by the project to remove turns in the river and shorten the navigation channel.  The study would follow the cited study authority and consider modification of existing structures and cutoffs with impacts to navigation, recreation, loss of fish and wildlife resources, wetlands and other environmental issues.  On 31 Jan 2017, one of the non-Federal co-sponsors (Phinizy Center for Water Sciences) notified the District it would discontinue participation as a non-Federal sponsor.  Since that time, the other co-sponsor, Savannah Riverkeeper, has been unable to provide the requested cost-shared funds as required by the FCSA.  As a result, the Savannah District issued a notice to the Savannah Riverkeeper on 29 Mar 2017 suspending the study.  


Executed Feasibility Cost Share Agreement (FCSA)

01 August 2016 (A)

Alternative Milestone Meeting

09 January 2017 (A)

Approved PMP 17 February 2017

ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  This project is consistent with Administration policy.
ACTION OFFICER:  Margarett (Mackie) McIntosh                                  1 October 2017