Macon, GA Section 205


AUTHORIZATION:  Section 205, 1948 Flood Control Act (P.L. 80-858), as amended.



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Allocation thru FY 2016


Allocation for FY 2017


Programmed Balance to Complete After FY 2017


President’s Budget for FY 2018


LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION:  Flood Risk Management.  The Section 205 study, located in the City of Macon/ Bibb County, will identify problems with the reduced level of protection, seek opportunities to alleviate these problems, and reduce the risk of loss of life and damages to property.  This feasibility study will evaluate a broad range of potential measures to reduce damages and manage flood risks.  These management measures range from ‘structural’, those that physically alter the system, to ‘non-structural’ measures that do not require physical alternation of the floodplain, as well as those that seek to reduce damages and risks by means of management techniques, removal, elevating or flood-proofing of structures, insurance against damage, and other means.  As required by law, the report will identify the National Economic Development or ‘NED’ Plan.

ACTIVITIES COMPLETED FOR FY2017:  Prepared draft Feasibility Report.

SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES FOR FY2018:  Choose the Tentative Selected Plan, complete the Final Feasibility Report and transmit to SAD for approval and Agency Decision.

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATIONThe Macon Levee Flood Protection Project was authorized by Congress on 24 July 1946 (House Document No. 560, 79th Congress, 2nd Session).  The system of floodwalls and levees was completed in 1950 and raised in 1970.  It was designed to provide protection for the 0.4 percent annual chance of occurrence (250-year) level of protection.  The City of Macon/Bibb County is responsible for operating and maintaining the levee system.  The levee system protects 2,900 acres that are zoned primarily for commercial, industrial, and municipal properties.  Of foremost importance is protection of the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Federal Interest Determination

17 December 2015(A)

Execute FCSA

19 April 2016 (A)

 MISC Decision Meeting  04 Jan 2018
 Public and Agency Review  26 Feb 2018
 Agency Decision  29 Jun 2018

:  This project is consistent with Administration policy.

ACTION OFFICER:  Margarett (Mackie) McIntosh                                  1 October 2017