Macon Levee, GA

PROJECT NAME AND STATE:  Inspection of Completed Works, Macon Levee, GA

AUTHORIZATION:  O&M General, Flood Control Act of 1946



Allocation for FY 2018


Allocation for FY 2019


Allocation for FY 2020


FY 2021 President's Budget


* Funding is for the Inspection of Completed Works Program


LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION:  The Macon Levee is one of seven locally operated and maintained projects in the District’s Inspection of Completed Works Program.  The Macon Levee is located on the west bank of the Ocmulgee River immediately downstream of the City of Macon, Bibb County, Georgia.  The levee consists of 1,462 linear feet of concrete flood wall and 26,270 linear feet of earth dike extending downstream from high ground at the Otis Redding Bridge in Macon, Georgia.
ACTIVITIES COMPLETED FOR FY2020:  Conducted routine inspection with non-Federal sponsor.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY2021:  Conduct annual inspection with non-Federal sponsor.
ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION:  The non-Federal sponsor corrected deficiencies including removal of trees, and Macon levee was returned to its design template in FY 2009.  There are seven projects in the Inspection of Completed Works (FRM) Program including Augusta Levee, Richmond County, GA;  Oates Creek, Richmond County, GA;  Macon Levee, Bibb County GA;  Harmon Canal, Chatham County, GA;  Tybee Island Shoreline Protection, Chatham County, GA;  Peacock Creek, Liberty County, GA;  and Dunn Branch, Camden County, GA.

ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  Project is consistent with current Administration policies.

ACTION OFFICER:  Margarett (Mackie) McIntosh                    25 March 2020