Atlanta AI Fact Sheet

PROJECT NAME AND STATE:  Atlanta Environmental Infrastructure, Georgia  

AUTHORIZATION:  Section 219 of Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1992; as amended under PL 117-58. 




Estimated Federal Costs



Estimated Non-Federal Costs


Total Estimated Costs $1,500,000 $6,500,000

Allocation for FY 2021


Allocation for FY 2022 (BIL)   $6,000,000
Programmed Balance to Complete after FY2022   $0


LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION: The project site is situated in southeastern Atlanta (Fulton County, Georgia) with the objective of alleviating flooding that commonly occurs at the Cellairis Amphitheater and the surrounding Lakewood Park by completing design and subsequent construction of appropriate stormwater improvements. While a variety of stormwater/infrastructure improvements have been contemplated to date (ranging from draining of the Lakewood Fairgrounds Lake, culvert improvements/replacements, bank improvements, sanitary protection along the North Fork of the South River, and installation of flood protection structures such as berms, floodwalls, conveyance) through previous hydraulic and hydrology studies (performed by others), USACE will work with the City of Atlanta (the project’s non-federal sponsor) to finalize a design for construction of the selected environmental infrastructure improvements that meets the project objective and can be constructed within the project budget. Current expectations are design will be completed in FY24 and construction will begin in FY25. Project will be cost shared 75% federal / 25% non-federal and requires a cost share agreement.

SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2023  Execute the PPA for design and construction; complete NEPA review and contract with an A/E firm for design services.

SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES FOR FY 2024:  Complete the design followed by advertisement and award of a construction contract.



PPA Executed                                                            21 Apr 2023
Award Design Contract                                           TBD
Finalize Plans and Specs                                         TBD
Construction Bid Opening                                      TBD
Construction Contract Award                                TBD
Construction Contract Physical Completion       TBD

ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  This project is consistent with current Administration policy.

ACTION OFFICER:  Spencer W. Davis                               24 Apr 2023