Savannah Lakes Marina, JST

PROJECT:  Savannah Lakes Marina - J.S. Thurmond  30 March 2022 

SUBJECT:  Congressional Inquiry from L. Graham’s Office  

PURPOSE:  To provide information regarding the telephonic inquiry, response and status of upkeep, repairs of facilities and overall condition of Savannah Lakes Marina, a lease concessionaire, located at J. S. Thurmond Lake.     

BACKGROUND: Lease Number DACW21-1-15-2005 was executed 28 October 2014 for Commercial Purposes.     

Though we are not positive on the details of the compliant it is of the understanding that there is concern for the general upkeep and condition of the lease property.  The inquiry maybe tied to a resort locate adjacent to USACE property that no longer operating and has fallen into disrepair.  Based on previous years compliance inspections and an unannounced visit upon receipt of the inquiry the Marina overall is in good condition. 

CURRENT STATUS: The results of the unannounced visit are: 

  • Docks were clean and picked up 

  • Walkways had appropriate distances and not blocked 

  • Fire extinguishers were up to date and had monthly inspection tags filled out 

  • All warped and damaged boards on docks were being replaced 

Two houseboats are repeat offenders for trash and clutter.  One will be removed by 4 April.  The other is currently going through eviction in the local court system. No action can be taken until this is resolved. 

There is a multi-slip houseboat dock that was damaged by a storm that is closed off until it can be re-anchored. 

If the subject of the inquiry is the closed Resort that has fallen in disrepair the is not much the Corps can do.  The Lake Project office is in contact with the owner representatives about twice a year on the status of the property. The Resort owners are currently working with the county to tear down the resort but nothing has been confirmed. 

DISTRICT POC:  Carla Buatte (912) 652-5034