RBR Dam and Lake O&M

PROJECT NAME AND STATE:  Richard B. Russell Dam and Lake, GA

AUTHORIZATION:   Flood Control Act of 1966; Water Resources Development Act of 1986



Allocation for FY 2021


Allocation for FY 2022


Supplemental Funds (IIJA/BIL) for 2022 $4,502,000

Allocation for FY 2023


Supplemental Funds (IIJA/BIL) for 2023 $1,711,000

President's Budget for FY 2024


Supplemental Funds (IIJA/BIL) for 2024 $400,000


LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION:  Richard B. Russell Dam and Lake, completed in 1985, is located on the Savannah River, near Calhoun Falls, SC. The project provides hydropower, flood risk management, recreation, fish and wildlife management, water quality and water supply benefits. The project’s 24,390 acres of land, 26,650 acres of water and 540 miles of shoreline are situated in four counties and two states: Georgia and South Carolina. Richard B. Russell is a Public Law 89-72 project therefore the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and South Carolina Parks, Recreation, and Tourism operate and maintain most of the recreation areas under cost share and lease agreements.   

ACTIVITIES FOR FY2023:  Funds are being used for commonly performed O&M work including surveys. Funds are also being used for specific work activities including inspecting concrete piers for intake gate supports and fish deterrent system light pole replacement.

ACTIVITIES FOR IIJA/BIL FOR FY2023:  Funds are being used for design and install emergency diesel generator room fire suppression system, replace and upgrade piezometers, repair riprap Georgia side tailrace and update water control manual.

ACTIVITIES FOR FY2024:  Funds will be used for commonly performed O&M work. Funds will also be used for specific work activities including recreation inspections.

ACTIVITIES FOR IIJA/BIL FOR FY2024:  Funds will be used for South Carolina bank fish deterrent system lighting replacement.

ISSUES AND OTHER INFORMATION:  Richard B. Russell is one of only two major hydropower projects in the Corps with pump-back capabilities and has extensive environmental features adding to operational and maintenance requirements. Two oxygenation systems are required allowing the plant to operate all pump-back units. The Richard B. Russell Power Plant produced 341,568 megawatt hours in FY 2022 and returned $30.1M to the United States Treasury. The project served 696K visitors in FY 2022. The project supplied 3 communities with water. The project prevented an estimated $94M in cumulative flood damages from 1985 to date. 

ADMINISTRATION POSITION:  Project is consistent with current Administration policy.

ACTION OFFICER:  Spencer W. Davis                                 24 Apr 2023