Thurmond Lake Project to mark some boundary lines over next few months

Published Oct. 25, 2017

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The Army Corps of Engineers will clear and remark the government boundary lines along portions of the J. Strom Thurmond Lake beginning Nov. 1 with the work continuing through the winter. Contracted crews will primarily work on the boundary in McCormick County, South Carolina.

Work begins in Little River Subdivision, continuing through Savannah Lakes Village and Baker Creek State Park, and ending near Hawe Creek Campground. The Corps plans to clear and remark 50 miles of boundary line before spring. The Corps' contractor responsible for this work is R&D Maintenance Services.

Workers will scrape old paint off trees and apply fresh paint on "witness trees” to mark the boundary line. If the boundary survey pins are not visible, workers will dig where the pins were placed to expose them. Trees and brush will be cut to clear the line. The paint used to mark the boundary line on trees is a bright orange 4-inch band around half of each tree.

“The marked trees do not delineate the exact boundary; they ‘witness’ the approximate boundary line,” Susan Boyd, a chief ranger at Thurmond Lake, said. “The exact line can only be located by surveying the monuments and pins.” The painted trees should never be used to determine the exact boundary line, she explained. “When buying property or planning to build on land adjacent to public property, a professional survey is a good investment,” she said.

Adjacent property owners should remove personal items to their private property. They should also control pets.

“Pets are not allowed to wander unattended on public land, especially while workers are present,” Boyd said.

Property owners should address their questions about the work to the Thurmond Lake office at 800-533-3478, ext. 1140.



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