Richard B. Russell Dam and Lake

Recreation Areas - Hunting

Public lands surrounding Richard B. Russell Lake provide excellent deer, turkey and small game hunting opportunities.  Food plots are planted in various areas to improve habitat and hunting opportunities.  In general, there is a rim of public land around the lake that extends at least 300 feet from the shoreline that is open for hunting.  The Corps boundary line is marked with orange/redwood colored paint. 

Hunting regulations, seasons and bag limits are set by the Department of Natural Resources of each state.  The states do not have a cooperative agreement for hunting licenses.  You must have a hunting license from the state in which you hunt.


The largest land areas open to hunting consist of undeveloped park sites. Some of these sites are operated by the states as wildlife management areas (WMA). A state wildlife management area stamp or permit is required to hunt these areas. Heardmont WMA, Elbert WMA, Beverly Park WMA, and Pickens Creek WMA are part of the larger Elbert WMA Track in Georgia's Wildlife Management Area Program. In South Carolina, Calhoun Falls WMA and portions of McCalla WMA are included in their wildlife management area program. For specific locations, contact the state natural resource office, Russell Lake Project Manager's Office, or visit our Hunting App Link.


All developed park areas as well as lands adjacent to the Richard B. Russell Dam are closed to all types of hunting for safety reasons.


Deer hunting in Beverly Park is restricted to archery equipment only.  No firearms can be used to hunt deer in this area.


Special deer, waterfowl and turkey hunts for mobility impaired hunters are scheduled each season.  Richard B. Russell Lake also hosts several youth waterfowl hunts each season.  If you would like to participate, volunteer with these hunts or want additional information, contact the lake office.  News releases pertaining to special hunts are posted on the district's NEWS website.

State DNR Hunting Contact Info:

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Law Enforcement Office  864-654-1671 

Wildlife Management Office  864-654-1671

Hunter & Boater Education 1-800-277-4301

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Game Management Office  706-535-5700

Law Enforcement Office  770-535-5499

Hunter Education 706-557-3355

Boater Education 770-918-6408