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Regional General Permits

Signed RP 90 Permit.pdfRegional General Permits are issued by the District Engineer for a general category of activities when the activities are similar in nature and cause minimal environmental impact (both individually and cumulatively), and the regional general permit reduces duplication of regulatory control by State and Federal agencies. Below is a list of the available Regional General Permits within the Savannah District.

  • RGP 01 - Roads and Bridges
  • RGP 25 - Public Boat Ramps and Associated Dock Facilities
  • RGPs 40-62 - USACE Lakes, Minor Structures
  • RGP 84 - Private, Public, and Commercial Dock Facilities in Non-Tidal Navigable Waters
  • RGP 90 - Private, Single Family Non-Commercial Recreational Ponds
  • RGP 96 - Georgia DOT 
  • RGP 98 - Lake Blue Ridge Docks 
  • RGP 99 - US Forest Service, Trout Habitat Structures
  • RGP100 - Fort Benning Activities
  • RGPs 105-108 - Publically Funded Projects
    • Enclosure 1 - Checklist for USACE RGP's for Publically Funded Projects 
    • Enclosure 2 - RGP's Pre-Construction Notification Form 
    • Enclosure 3 - Georgia Rivers Supporting Anadromous Fish Habitat 
    • Enclosure 4 - Recommendations to Incorporate Green Practices 
    • Enclosure 5 - Watersheds with Max. 2,000 LF of Cumulative Stream Impact using RGP's
    • Enclosure 6 - Watersheds with Max. 1,000 LF of Cumulative Stream Impact using RGP's
    • Enclosure 7 - Watersheds with Max. 10 Acres of Cumulative Wetland Impact using RGP's 
    • Enclosure 8 - Watersheds with Max. 5 Acres of Cumulative Wetland Impact using RGP's
To apply for a Regional General Permit use the Pre-Construction Notification (PCN). In order to satisfy a regional condition, please refer to Appendix C for the List of Anadromous Fisheries Waters. If applicable to your project please fill out the State of Georgia Revocable License Request and/or the State of Georgia Procedures and Notification Form.

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