Hunting Information

Many areas of public land and water around Hartwell Lake are open to hunting in accordance with Title 36, Part 327, Rules and Regulations Governing Water Resources Development Projects, and Georgia and South Carolina state hunting regulations, however, many areas are not suitable for hunting due to the narrowness of the lands and the close proximity to private development. Hunting is not allowed in developed public recreation areas (whether open or closed) except as listed below. The islands on Hartwell Lake are open for hunting in accordance with state hunting regulations and seasons. However, in the interest of safety, big game hunters are encouraged to use archery equipment while hunting on the islands.

License Requirements

All hunting regulations, license requirements, and seasons set by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources apply while hunting on Corps lands and waters. Information on seasons and regulations is available from the appropriate state department of natural resources office. Georgia and South Carolina do not have a reciprocal agreement concerning hunting licenses. You must have a resident or nonresident license from the state in which you hunt. Additionally, a Corps of Engineers permit is required for hunting at the Hartwell Dam Quarry Area and is available at no cost from the Hartwell Dam & Lake Office and Visitor Center.

Hunting in Corps Recreation Areas


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has four recreation areas for archery and small game hunting in Georgia.  Hunting regulations, license requirements and seasons set by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will apply. These areas include:

Hartwell Dam Quarry, (PDF) - Hunting in the Hartwell Dam Quarry area requires a permit which is available at no cost from the Corps' Hartwell Lake Office, located at 5625 Anderson Highway, Hartwell, GA.
Hart County, Ga. (410 acres)


  • New Prospect Access Area in Hart County, GA (34 Acres) (no map provided)
  • Jenkins Ferry Access Area in Stephens County, GA (31 Acres) (no map provided) 


    Hunting for deer and turkey will be permitted during their respective seasons set by the states, and will be restricted Archery Equipment Only.  Firearms are prohibited during deer and turkey season.

    No permanent stands can be constructed on Corps of Engineers property.  Climbing stands, lock-on stands, ladder stands & ground blinds can be used, but must be removed on the last day of deer and turkey season.

    Small game hunting is allowed in all areas listed above, but only after the deer season is completed.  Hunting during small game season will be permitted with shotgun only using #4 shot or smaller.

    Feral Hog hunting is allowed on Hartwell Project lands all year.  A special permit must be requested to hunt hogs outside the regular deer and turkey seasons.  The use of dogs is only allowed outside the state deer and turkey seasons.

    For questions and permitting, please contact Natural Resource Specialist Jason Corder at the Hartwell Project at 1-888-893-0678, ext. 332 or 706-856-0332.


    Areas Leased to South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

    The following areas are leased to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) and are considered part of the SCDNR's Fant's Grove Wildlife Management Area.  Contact SCDNR for information on licenses, seasons and bag limits.  They can be reached at 864-654-1671 or SCDNR's website.   

    South Carolina River, (PDF)
        Anderson County, SC (125 acres)

    Glenn Ferry Recreation Area, (PDF)
        Anderson County, SC (211 acres)

    Choestoea Recreation Area, (PDF)
        Oconee County, SC (369 acres)

    Apple Island Recreation Area, (PDF)
        Anderson County, SC (107 acres)


  • Townville Recreation Area, (PDF)
        Anderson County (23 acres)


  • Camp Creek Recreation Area, (PDF)
        Anderson County (48 acres)


  • Martin Creek Recreation Area, (PDF)
        Oconee County (60 acres)


    Hunting in developed recreation areas except as listed above is prohibited. 

    South Carolina & Georgia regulations, seasons, bag limits, license requirements, etc. will be strictly enforced.


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