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Hartwell Dam & Lake

***2016 Shoreline Management Regulation Changes Effective 01 January 2016***

UPDATE: Irrigation prohibition suspended until further notice

In response to a high-volume of stakeholder feedback, as well as input from adjacent landowners in a recent meeting, officials from the Corps’ South Atlantic Division (SAD) have announced suspension of the new policy change prohibiting minor water withdrawals at lakes across the division. The suspension serves to allow further review of the policy and its implications for adjacent shoreline residents.

Districts have been directed to suspend the implementation of the policy effective immediately until the review is complete and further guidance is issued.

The new rule prohibiting use of reservoir water for irrigation was part of an update (announced Dec. 28 here) on shoreline use rules that took effect Jan. 1 for reservoirs within the Corps’ South Atlantic Region. The policy suspension only applies to the part of the new rule forbidding use of reservoir water for shoreline irrigation.

As always we welcome questions, and will do our best to answer them during this review. As new details about the results of the review are available, we will share them in future posts.

Shoreline Management Program

Guidelines for general uses of Hartwell Lake Public Lands - including the types of private uses and activities which may be permitted (such as boat docks, underbrushing), and the applicable rules and regulations.

Contact your Shoreline Ranger

First, click HERE to determine what "Area" the property is in.  Then click on the Area below to email the appropriate shoreline ranger or call the lake office at 706-856-0300 or 888-893-0678 using the below extensions.