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Hartwell Dam & Lake



2020 Shoreline Management Plan

2007 Shoreline Management Plan

Comparison Chart

Environmental Assessment

Finding Of No Significant Impact


Guidelines for general uses of Hartwell Lake Public Lands - including the types of private uses and activities which may be permitted (such as boat docks, underbrush clearing), and the applicable rules and regulations.

Contact your Shoreline Ranger

First, click HERE to determine what "Area" the property is in.  Then click on the Area below to email the appropriate shoreline ranger or call the lake office at 706-856-0300 or 888-893-0678.  At any time during the greeting, enter the extension number followed by the "#" symbol, or call them directly at the number listed below.

  • Area 1, ext. 0351#  706-856-0351

  • Area 2, ext. 0336#  706-856-0336

  • Area 3, ext. 0352#  706-856-0352

  • Area 4, ext. 0332#  706-856-0332

  • Area 5, ext. 0311#  706-856-0311

  • Area 6, ext. 0347#  706-856-0347