Hartwell Dam & Lake

Shoreline Management Program - Allocation Maps

A link to each Allocation Map Segment is located below the map.

Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4 Segment 5 Segment 6 Segment 7 Segment 8

Shoreline Allocation Map

Individual Map Segments

Segment 1 (Overall Lake View)                Segment 2

Segment 3                                                Segment 4

Segment 5                                                Segment 6

Segment 7                                                Segment 8

Adjacent land owners and prospective buyers are reminded that shoreline allocations (zoning) affect the type of facilities and/or activities that may be permitted at a particular site.  Shoreline Use Permits are prohibited in some areas of the Hartwell Lake.  To determine the shoreline allocation adjacent to a particular site, please contact the Hartwell Project Office, toll free, at 888-893-0678.  Rangers are available to assist in determining zoning and permit possibilities.  Prospective buyers are encouraged to determine the shoreline allocations (zoning) prior to purchasing property adjacent to the Hartwell Lake.