Recreation areas on Hartwell Lake that have designated swimming areas:


South Carolina





Who can resist a swim in the lake on a hot summer afternoon? Enjoy your swim but please remember:

  • Never swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Learn to swim...it’s never too late.
  • Never dive into a lake or river.  Swim with a buddy...never swim alone.
  • Wear your life jacket if you are a non-swimmer.  Better yet, wear your life jacket regardless of your swimming abilities.
  • The distance across coves is always farther than it appears!  Don’t overestimate your swimming ability.
  • Swim in designated swim areas.
  • Be aware that water levels fluctuate.
  • Don’t rely on inflatable rafts, toys, and armbands. They can deflate in seconds and leave you or your child stranded.
  • Parents: There is no substitute for your close attention...don’t rely solely on a life jacket or swimming lessons for your child’s protection.  Watch your children closely!
  • Swimming off of a boat?  Always wear your life jacket, and swim in an area away from other boats.
  • Don’t swim in cold water...warm air temperatures doesn't necessarily mean warm water temperatures.

These safety tips seem so simple and obvious, yet swimming related drownings occur each year at Hartwell Lake. Don’t let yourself, friends, or family members suffer a needless tragedy. Following the above safety tips and make every visit to the lake a safe one!


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