J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Lake

Recreation Areas - Status of Corps Boat Ramps


Area Name County, State

    O = OPEN
    X = CLOSED

Amity Rec. Area McDuffie, GA O
Bussey Point Lincoln, GA O
Calhoun Falls Ramp McCormick, SC O
Chamberlain Ferry Ramp Lincoln, GA O
Clarks Hill Park McCormick, SC O
Dordon Creek Ramp McCormick, SC O
Double Branches Ramp Lincoln, GA O
Gill Point Ramp Lincoln, GA O
Hawe Creek Campground McCormick, SC O
Keg Creek Ramp Columbia, GA O
Lake Springs Park Columbia, GA O
Leathersville Ramp Lincoln, GA O
LeRoy's Ferry Campground McCormick, SC O
Modoc Campground McCormick, SC O
Modoc Ramp McCormick, SC O
Morrahs Ramp Elbert, GA O
Mt. Pleasant Ramp McCormick, SC O
Murray Creek Ramp Lincoln, GA O
Parksville Rec. Area McCormick, SC O
Petersburg Campground Columbia, GA O
Ridge Road Campground Columbia, GA O
Scotts Ferry Ramp (Old) McCormick, SC O
Scotts Ferry Ramp (New) McCormick, SC  O
Winfield Campground Columbia, GA O

NOTICE: The information on this page may contain errors. Use this information as an approximation only. Launching ability will also depend on type vehicle, boat, and trailer. In addition, ramps with siltation buildup or damage may be unusable much earlier. Always use caution when launching or retrieving a boat, especially when lake levels are lower than normal. The full pool elevation of Thurmond Lake is 330 feet above mean sea level (ft-msl). The elevations below are listed in ft-msl. Regarding ramps with multiple lanes, the lanes are numbered left to right as if you were standing at top of ramp and looking down.


Boat Ramp Bottom Elevations-Revised January 2018