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Status of Corps Boat Ramps


*****References to "left" and "right" lanes below are based on standing on land and facing the water.

Area Name County, State

      O = OPEN      X= CLOSED

Apple Island Anderson, SC O
Asbury Anderson, SC O

Big Oaks – left lane

Hart, GA X
Big Oaks – right lane Hart, GA X
Broyles – left lane Anderson, SC X
Broyles – middle lane Anderson, SC X
Broyles – right lane Anderson, SC X
Camp Creek Anderson, SC O
Carter's Ferry Hart, GA O
Cleveland Hart, GA O
Coneross Campground Oconee, SC O
Crawford's Ferry Hart, GA O
Denver Anderson, SC O
Double Springs Anderson, SC O
Duncan Branch Hart, GA O
Durham Anderson, SC O
Eighteen Mile Creek Anderson, SC O
Elrod Ferry Hart, GA O
Friendship – left lane Oconee, SC O
Friendship – right lane Oconee, SC O
Glenn Ferry Anderson, SC O
Hattons Ford - left lane Anderson, SC O
Hattons Ford - right lane Anderson, SC O
Honea Path Anderson, SC O


Anderson, SC O
Jenkins Ferry - left lane Stephens, GA O
Jenkins Ferry - right lane Stephens, GA O
Martin Creek Oconee, SC O
Mary Ann Branch Hart, GA O
New Prospect Hart, GA O
Oconee Point Campground Oconee, SC O
Paynes Creek Campground (inside campground) Hart, GA O
Paynes Creek Campground(outside of campground) Hart, GA


Poplar Springs - left lane Franklin, GA O
Poplar Springs - right lane Franklin, GA O
Powderbag Creek Hart, GA O
Richland Creek Anderson, SC O
River Forks – left lane Anderson, SC O
River Forks – right lane Anderson, SC O
Rock Springs Hart, GA O
Singing Pines Anderson, SC X
Spring Branch Stephens, GA O
Springfield Campground Anderson, SC O
Tabor Oconee, SC O
Townville Anderson, SC O
Twelve Mile – left lane Pickens, SC X
Twelve Mile – right lane Pickens, SC X
Twin Lakes – left lane Pickens, SC O
Twin Lakes – right lane Pickens, SC O
Watsadler Campground Hart, GA O

Weldon Island

Anderson, SC X


NOTICE:  Due to frequently changing lake levels, anyone using a boat ramp needs to inspect it carefully to make sure it is usable for their particular vehicle, boat and trailer. 

Hartwell Lake Boat Ramp Ending Elevations