US Army Corps of Engineers
Savannah District

Central Virginia Properties Railyard

STATEMENT OF ISSUE:  On December 23, 2015, Central Virginia Properties (CVP) submitted an application for a permit to fill 24.68 acres of wetlands to construct a 100-car railyard on a 259.48-acre site located adjacent to the existing Broadhurst Landfill, in Wayne County, Georgia.  The railyard could receive up to 100 railcars per day of combustible coal residue (CCR) and other nonhazardous solid waste for landfill disposal.  

BACKGROUND:  On March 16, 2016, the Savannah District attended a public meeting in Jesup, Georgia, that was held by the local county government.  The meeting was attended by approximately 500 people.  In response to the Savannah District Public Notice, over 2,000 adverse public comments were received.  The majority of the comments concerned the disposal of CCR (Coal Ash) in the landfill.  The applicant provided a response to all adverse comments and additional information requested by the Savannah District.  The Savannah District has all information needed to compete evaluation of the application and make a draft permit decision.  The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has not issued 401 Water Quality Certification for the project, which is required prior to a final permit decision by the Savannah District.  

CURRENT STATUS: On April 6, 2017, the applicant requested withdrawal of the application, indicating that they plan to continue to work with the local community to reach consensus on providing full rail service to the landfill; and if reached, will re-submit the application for the proposed project at that time. 

DISTRICT POC: Richard Morgan, Regulatory Branch, (912) 652-5139.