Doggie Do's and Don'ts

Boy and his dog.  

The fact that you want to bring your dog with you is evidence that you care about its welfare and consider it a part of your family. Other park visitors will appreciate your consideration for its control while in the park.

DO keep your dog, regardless of size, breed, or age on a leash not over 6 feet in length (or penned or caged) at all times. With the exception of specially trained assistance animals, such as Seeing Eye Dogs, pets are not permitted on beaches, in swim areas, or within sanitary facilities.


  • DON’T leave your dog unattended; it’s barking may disturb your park neighbors. Either take him with you or leave him with a friend while you are gone.
  • DO tie your dog in a location where a child or others cannot be bitten or injured. Any person whose pet creates a nuisance or disturbance may be asked to leave the park.
  • DON’T lock your dog in a car or camping unit without proper ventilation. Even in the shade, temperatures can get quite hot in the summer.
  • DO properly dispose of your dog’s waste.
  • DO see that your dog’s rabies vaccination is up to date and wears a valid rabies tag. A dog identification tag is also a good idea in case your dog gets lost.

    We ask that you follow these simple rules in controlling your dog. Future dog regulations are, to a great extent, in your hands.